Lend in a Box - is a digital application for the recording of transactions and obligation between network members. Insurance Premium Finance, Supply and Trade Finance, Working Capital

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Traditional Origination and Distribution channels are not performing. There is an urgent need to explore innovative new solutions enabled by Technology.

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ERROR prone manual processes, lead to long turn around time, causing poor Customer experience and overall poor product performance.


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Lend in a Box

Lend in a Box is a Digital Application for the recording of Transactions and Obligations between Network Members. 

Benefits of Our Distributed Ledger Solution

TRUST-Decrease your Risk

By sharing information on a need to know basis Network members are better able to score opportunities and maintain key information needed to achieve a fair transaction environment. 

AUTOMATE-Improved Workflow

By automating the current workflow, we build efficiency within the Network Members cutting Costs and Increasing Profits.


By increasing lead generation, our Partners are able to achieve cross-sale opportunities thereby growing their balance sheets 10X Faster. 

AUDIT TRAIL-Immutable Records

By enabling Network Members to interact in a secure environment and trust lines, it enables full visibility and facilitates easy audit trails.

What we Do

How we add value?


Leveraging the advantages of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) we build TRUST among the Network Members through seamless sharing of information on a need to know basis fostering a truly Private Network. This shared information is used to execute a transaction and create an obligation between the respective parties wrapped up in a self-executing Smart Contract.


Working with prospects, we identify and scope a solution relevant to their unique circumstances in some engagements we re-engineer their process flow to achieve a full Working Capital Optimization, introducing Trade Finance, Treasury Management and FX Strategies that we map to our technology offering. Partners get a Finished Product.


Business environments change and business models must be attuned to the new reality, it may be an industry threat, a new opportunity or simply a product improvement that is needed to adjust the fortunes of our partners. Our Research & Development Team is on hand to spot trends and threats using market data to produce subject matter publications and Insights.

Our Brands


Insure Small Small enables access to insurance through Loan secured by the Insurance Policy as collateral. We enable Insurance Penetration and contribute towards closing the protection gap by making it possible to pay premium via installments. Insure Small Small platform brings together traditionally disjointed parties into a Network covering Banks, Insurance Companies, Re-insurers, Brokers/Banc Assurance Agents and Customers by sharing common information. Using an industry-standard KYC/AML/CTF Protocol.   


Wallet Trade Finance Platform supports the digitization of supply-chains by connecting Off takers, Suppliers, Banks, and Insurers to Connect, Interact and Transact efficiently and in a cost-effective manner. This enables access to Supply chain Finance, Digital Bank Guarantees & Bid Bonds & Documentary Credits for participants all on a shared ledger. We are building a Receivables Escrow to support securitization of Receivables and enable trading of these Asset-Backed Notes (ABN) on a Digital Stock Exchange.


Pigeon Network is built on the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (ACFTA) Initiative. We seek to catalyze the growing cross border trade by connecting Banks, Credit Reference Bureaus, Insurers, Corporate and SMES with Technology-enabled Bank Guarantees, Documentary Credit, Insurance and Working Capital Solutions across the 54 African Countries, cost on a Distributed Ledger. We are focused on an Open API Protocol supporting Core Banking and ERP systems for easy integration. 

We love Partnerships, let's Collaborate!

Our Team

Oscar Ofumbi ACSI

Head of Business

Head of Business, customer acquisition and Trade Finance and Working Capital Structures

Pinzon Robin

Chief Technology Officer

Head of Technology development across the Back end, Front-end 

Floridah Oyungrwoth

Legal and Compliance

An advocate of the High Court of Uganda, team lead for, Compliance

Samuel Odeke

Board Chairman

Responsible for Policy approval, strategy design, and overall management oversight.

Recent News

24-25 October 2019

Corda Con 2019 Finalist

Insure Small Small our flagship Insurance Premium Finance solution was selected among the 4 finalists for the Insure Tech Challenge Finals. The Insure tech Challenge is sponsored by R3 and seeks to showcase solutions building insurance problems on the Corda Blockchain. We will be showcasing our solution to thousands of attendees from across the globe at the CordaCon in London.  

10 September 2019

1st African Customer for Corda Enterprise License

Screen Technologies Limited is breaking new grounds with technology as we officially became the 1st African customer for a Corda Enterprise License. Our license covers  East Africa, West Africa, North Africa and Southern Africa enabling us to distribute our Software across these markets.

31 October 2019

New Law enables Accounts Receivable

S.2 of The Security Interest in Movable Property Act 2019 describes a "Secured Creditor" to include a holder of security interest agreement in Accounts Receivable. It also defines a "Debtor" to include a seller of Receivables. This law will go along way in supporting the enforcement of lenders who use Accounts Receivable as collateral to secure credit extended to the customer under a Notice of Assignment.

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