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Multinationals and Large Corporate have traditionally enjoyed access to Complex Financial Tools to support their competitive advantage, ...... its time for SME's.


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Complete analysis of your SME Business Operations & Process flow, looking for areas of optimization


Recommend the ideal Process flow for maximum optimization with a mix of Process, Product or Service for your SME


Introduce our Unified Digital Platform (UDP) connecting our Partners in real time to support your SME

Let your CASH work Harder!

Looking for a better place to put your CASH or Access FOREX? Fixed Deposits, Money Markets, Forwards/Spot Rates

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29 November 2019

Creating an SME's Competitive Advantage

Multinationals and large corporate have traditionally enjoyed access to complex financial tools to support their competitive advantage, their size and volumes justify the cost. To SME customers; welcome aboard and a toast to your success and growth after all c.

16 December 2019

What is Financial Inclusion for SME's?

Financial Inclusion for SMEs is about assembling these exclusively complex tools and making them accessible to SME's by taking advantage of Technology. Our early adopters Opportunity Bank Limited and Centenary Rural Development Bank Limited, We salute your foresight.

20 December 2019

New Law enables Accounts Receivable

S.2 of The Security Interest in Movable Property Act 2019 describes a "Secured Creditor" to include a holder of security interest agreement in Accounts Receivable. It also defines a "Debtor" to include a seller of Receivables. This law will go along way in supporting enforcement of lenders who use Accounts Receivable as collateral to secure credit extended to customer under a Notice of Assignment.

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